This article is addressed to the Teachers and tells about really Advanced sharing options. 

In most cases, you only need this:

How to Share a Project

Prerequisites. Make sure you already:

  1. have a School / Club LYNX account;
  2. know how to create a Sharing link to your project;
  3. have created and set up your own LYNX Coding Club;
  4. know how to make the Project Public.

Case # 1

You want to have your “students” to be all in one place. For example if you know you will need to see / edit their code / provide feedback on their projects. This method is good for 1-time sessions, also recommended in school with regular students.

  1. Each student has to become a member of your Club by following the Invite link for Club members that you generate and provide to your students (*);
  2. You create your Presentation Project in your Club;
  3. If you want your Club members to see the code of your Project, make it Public. The project is visible under All Projects in your Club, you only need to tell the students its name and they’ll find it. It can also be stored in a Public Folder. Giving the students Sharing link is not necessary. It will help them to quickly open the project but they will gain less understanding of how to find the Project on their own.
  4. If a student sees 404 trying to Edit the Project means they haven’t actually joined your Club. Remind them to click the Invite link.

Case # 2

You don't need to take care about your “students'” projects and / or they may join your lessons later in time. For example, you post your “lesson” as a record or as an article and the students may be coming later -- in a month or in a year.

2 options:

Option 1. You agree to have your Presentation Project to be searchable by any LYNX user

  1. Simply create your Presentation Project in the “LYNX Main Club” (“WWW”, “LYNX Community”);
  2. Make it public;
  3. Tell your students how to find it (name or sharing link, same as above). The project is up forever until you set it back Private.

Option 2. You only want your project to be visible to your "lesson" students

Advanced. This option requires a few more clicks from you.

  1. You create your Presentation Project in your Club.
  2. Uncheck Private;
  3. Under All Projects, you create a Public Folder;
  4. Click the grey globe icon beside that Folder. The icon becomes blue and your Public Folder becomes Featured. It appears on the Home page of your Club as a Tab. Go see it: the link is or click the LYNX logo top left;
  5. In your Presentation Project Properties choose your Featured Public Folder under the Feature In - bottom right on the page (**)
  6. The project appears on the Home page of your Club ;
  7. In theory, the Project is now visible to anyone on the Internet - but in practice, you can only find it by knowing the link;
  8. Either give your students the sharing link to your Project or just give them the link to your Club in case you have a few projects to share later on.


(*) generated in your School / Club 

(**) You don’t have to store your project in that Public Folder. The project can appear outside this Folder under All Projects but still be featured in it on the Club’s Home page.