Want to have fun using the text to speech feature in Lynx?  First, find out what voices you have on your computer. Type show voices in the Command Centre.  A list will appear. Some voices may have simple names like Amelie or Diego. 

Here is an example to have a voice, on a Mac, read the words in your textbox:  sayas text1 'moira'

Other voices can have several words in the name, like Microsoft Zira Desktop - English (United States) so it may be hard to separate the names from each other in the list that you see in your Command Centre.

Here's how to list the voices so that you'll see each one on a separate line. Have a Textbox in your Work Area and write this procedure:

to list_voices


dotimes [i count voices]

[print item :i + 1 voices]


When you run list_voices from the Command Centre, each line in the text box will be one voice name, no matter how long it is.

To use a voice name consisting of several words, put apostrophes on both sides:

sayas [Hello my dear friends] 'Microsoft Zira Desktop - English (United States)' 

or use the following syntax:

sayas  "|Hello everyone| "|Microsoft Zira Desktop - English (United States)|