Say you did ProjectA yesterday, and today you are working on a new ProjectB.

In ProjectB, you would like to use some of the elements you have created yesterday in ProjectA.

1. You want to copy a lot of stuff

In this case, you should open make a copy of your project and delete the stuff you don't want and keep the stuff you need. There are 2 ways of doing that.

1. You can download your project and then import it back. Do it this way if you want a copy of your project in another LYNX Club:

  • Find the project you did yesterday (My projets).
  • Open it in Play mode (not in the Lynx editor).
  • Click on Download the Lynx Project to obtain a copy on your computer.
  • Find the project on your computer and give it a new name (for today's project).
  • Return to My Projects and click on Import a Lynx Project.
  • Navigate to your project in the Import dialog box, give it a new name and description, and select a preview image if you like. 
  • You can now work on your new project.

To delete buttons, turtles, text boxes, sliders etc., open their dialog box and click on the trash can.

If you need to delete a page, use an instruction like:

remove 'page2'

Or go to the Project Tree (click on this icon:

It's located right below the Clipart Pane at the right), select the object that you don't need anymore and click the Delete button.

2. Just hold the Alt or Option key on your keyboard while you are clicking the Save icon. LYNX will create a Copy of your project. To make sure you are in the copy, not in the original project either note the project number change in the URL or go to My Project and see a new project there.

2. You want to copy procedures from ProjectA to ProjectB.

You can certainly do that! Go to ProjectA, select the procedures like any normal text, go back to ProjectB and paste the copied text in your Procedures panel.

3. You want to copy shapes from ProjectA to ProjectB.

The best way of doing that is through creation a copy of your project.

4. You want to copy a text box, an audio clip, a button, a slider or a complete page from ProjectA to ProjectB.

In ProjectA open the Project Tree  Select the object that you want a copy of. Press Ctrl+C on your keyboard. Now go to ProjectB, open its Project Tree, select the Page you want to copy your object (Turtle, Text Box, Button, etc.) to and press Ctrl-V on your keyboard. The object should appear there. The same can be done for a complete page.