If you make a presentation or a game, yo may want to protect the object in your project so people can't move or resize turtles, buttons, and text boxes. 

Make sure that the objects are well set before freezing them. Place everything at the right spot and resize buttons and text boxes before freezing them, because you won't be able to do so when they are frozen.

Then, open the dialog box of the turtle, the button or the text box, and click on the Freeze check box:

Or, type instructions such as these in the Command Centre:

freeze 't1'

freeze 'text1'

freeze 'button1'

Note that a frozen turtle will still respond to any command you issue from the Command Centre or from a procedure. That way, you can make a game in which users can't cheat!

To unfreeze objects, open their dialog box and uncheck the Frozen box, or use instructions such as these:

unfreeze 't1'

unfreeze 'text1'

unfreeze 'button1'