You use the turtle as a 'paintbrush' to stamp images onto your work area. You can stamp a small image or a background. That depends on what shape you choose from the clipart pane.

Use an existing turtle, or hatch a new turtle using the '+' sign. 

Open the Sample Clipart

Use setshape (setsh) to give the turtle a shape. See How to Use Lynx's Existing Clipart.

STAMP the Image

The stamp command stamps a copy of your current turtle on the background. 

Once the turtle is stamped two things will happen:

  • the turtle has painted a picture of itself on the background of the work area
  • the turtle will remain on top of the picture with the shape it has been given

Note: When you stamp, it looks like nothing has happened. But put your mouse on the turtle and drag it and you will see!

You can use setshape 0 to revert it back to the original turtle or you can right-click and delete the turtle by selecting the trash can.