Clipart can be used to:

  1. Give the turtle a shape (or costume). (Or multiple shapes for animation. See How to Animate your Turtle Shapes)
  2. stamp backgrounds or images onto the work area.

These are two very different purposes and it's good to understand the differences! :-) See this article for more information. What’s the difference between a turtle wearing a shape and a stamped image?

1. To Give the Turtle a Shape (or Costume)

To add clipart for either purpose, you are first going to change the turtle's shape with the setshape (setsh) command.

  1. Click the '+' in the lefthand menu and click Sample Clipart.
  2. Choose a category to add to your project.
  3. Hover your mouse over an image and remember the number. E.g., '1'
  4. In the Command Centre, type setshape 1
  5. Your turtle is now wearing that shape. It is still a programmable object. (It is not an 'image'.)

Note: Your turtle underlying the shape is still pointing in the direction it was headed when you added the shape. You may need to change that heading if you plan to have that turtle move. See My Shape (Turtle) is Going the Wrong Way

2. To Stamp Images or Backgrounds using the Turtle

See Adding Images or Backgrounds to Your Work Area