I don't know how to My_ProcedureIf you get an error message like this:

I don't know how to ...

..it means you used a word, inside your procedure, that Lynx doesn't understand. Words that Lynx knows consist of its built-in vocabulary and some new words that you taught Lynx in one specific project, for example

  1. the procedures you defined,
  2.  the page names, 
  3. the text boxes
  4. slider names
  5. sounds. 

If a word, inside your procedure, is none of these, Lynx will not be able to understand it. 

If this error message refers to a procedure that you just wrote, the most common cause is the omission of the word to (followed by a space) and the name of your procedure on the 1st line or end on the last line by itself. See this example:

To repeat: Every procedure should have a definition (the word to followed by your procedure name) and the ending (word end). Both the definition and the ending should go on a separate line.