Your turtle is pointing in the wrong direction. It is important to understand that a shape that the turtle wears does NOT generally turn with a right or left command...but the turtle inside the shape/costume will turn and you may not even know it.

1. To see which way the turtle is facing if it is wearing a shape, you can temporarily type setshape 0 to see the turtle and which way it is heading.

Then, you could turn the turtle with a right (rt) or left (lt) command to turn it. E.g., right 35

2. Or, you can type setheading (seth) in the Command Centre followed by a  'compass' heading and it will point the turtle in that heading. E.g., seth 90 will point it EAST or towards the right; seth 180 will point it south or towards the bottom of the screen.

Note: we strongly suggest you get the turtle moving in the desired direction before you add a clipart shape/costume.